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Letters – Pandemic, COVID-19 Vaccines

Letter to FDA regarding Children vaccination

To whom it may concern at FDA,

Are you going to authorize these injections (COVID-19 vaccines) for children who you know have no need for them and can be harmed, short and long-term, as a result? The injections have already caused thousands of deaths and injuries including several in the 16 year-old age group who unfortunately, I believe recklessly, were included in the vaccination groups. This when you know kids have negligible risk of COVID-19 and do not spread it. Under 100 children have died of COVID according to the CDC data, most with serious underlying health problems, while there are over 60,000,000 children in that age group! I am sure you know about Sweden, the country that never closed schools or masked its kids and no children died of  COVID there. Not only did children not spread the disease, teachers had less and less severe cases by being around them, same results for a similar study from Georgia. And we all know about Texas and other US states that are fully open and most have low vaccination rates yet they have no pandemic.

How do you even determine efficacy and effectiveness for a disease that the age group you are vaccinating has no risk for? How even testing in this age group was justified? I can present data to support my assertions here but I am sure you already know the data and the truth. Kids are dying of diabetes, fatty liver disease, cancers and are suffering from autoimmune, inflammatory diseases that you can do a lot to prevent and relieve their suffering, but you want to save less than 100 kids by injecting millions with something that has not been tested even in animals long-term, had proper clinical trials or your own approval.

I truly hope you choose to end this madness, educate people about ways to prevent this and other pathogenic diseases by proper prevention methods and guidelines, approve medications that can be prescribe by doctors before people end up in hospitals and do the right scientific approach to help and protect while you still have the public’s faith and trust in you.



Letter to loved ones

I hope you stop following and believing mainstream/social media propaganda and fearmongering about India, variants and unmasked children, while ignoring the elephants in the room, Florida, Texas, Sweden. And stop waiting for corrupt Fauci, CDC and FDA to give you your freedoms back, start trusting your own eyes and observations and live your life as there is no pandemic rather now a seasonal endemic pathogen (SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19). You can argue there would have never been a pandemic if CDC had applied the new standards they just announced for COVID the vaccinated people now get, which is counting only the death and hospitalized (so much for vaccines preventing severe covid and hospitalization!)

If there was any doubt about the malicious intend of FDA and CDC, vaccinating kids who are naturally immune over 99.99% with an injection that has already killed and seriously injured 1000s, should convince you that they will do anything to get this stuff into people, pregnant women and even babies. How can any vaccine improve on >99.99% natural immunity, how they even thought that was necessary with all the data to the contrary.

Somethings to consider:

– Too many vaccines, booster shots, even flu vaccines are bad for you, surviving the immediate effects, they will mess up with your immune system, they make you susceptible to more severe disease from pathogens that keep coming and mutating. You need your natural, broad spectrum immune system and vaccines destroy that. Just boost your immune system with eating nutrient, healthy food, get sun and vitamin D, supplement in the winter, avoid sugars, junk foods, etc.

– Too many nose swaps and testing are ridiculously unnecessary, humiliating and can damage the nose linings, introduce particles in and many other adverse effects, try to refuse.

– Wearing masks and breathing CO2 and harmful micro chemicals for hours at a time is bad and is minimally effective against airborne pathogens, even Fauci said that regarding the flu that is supposedly a bigger pathogen.

– Isolation and constant worrying about a disease with over 99% survival, for most of you, is unhealthy. 

– Everyone just wants to do what they are told and go on with their lives, but this is just the beginning. If you continue to listen, you are never free. But you can end this today, just stop listening to them, refuse their guidelines, tests, swaps, vaccines. None of us knew anyone with COVID, but almost all of you got really sick from these vaccines.

There is risk in everything in life, I would argue taking your chances with a disease with >99.9% survival makes more sense than taking shots that already have 1000s of serious heart, neurological & vascular injuries & deaths reported to VAERS (CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), a passive system that only captures a fraction of the adverse evens, for example; none of you reported yours to it. In general, only take meds and shots as the last resort and with careful consideration. Don’t be coerced by those with huge vested interest including your doctors who generally follow the corrupt guidelines. They have taken more than a year of your lives, don’t give them more of your precious time, try to enjoy it and educate yourself and others about what’s happening before it’s too late. Join the resistance for mandatory vaccines for schools & colleges, vaccine passport, fascism and tyranny.

With the unprecedented censorship in media, social media, (even Google searches about covid and pandemic will give you propaganda, you have to be very specific to find what you are looking for), one way to get the information you need is to open up a Twitter account and follow doctors and experts who are putting their reputation and even their lives at risk to stop this and give people the information.



Put things in perspective, even if you believe CDC numbers (& there is a lot of ?s, like where did the flu usually elderly died of go last year), of the >500k they claim died >400k were over 70yr mostly living in nursing homes where they sent the already sick from hospitals, most with commodities from pulmonary infections that they were never treated for because FDA to this day refuses to approve medications like Ivermectin that is tested, used and are waiting! 

The best measurement is excess deaths for the respiratory virus season and that shows only slightly higher for the 2020-2021 compare to 2019-2020 due to the fact that COVID was new in March (even though it was over 90% similar to other coronaviruses and we started out with good immunity to it). At this point, COVID is just an endemic virus like the flu, another respiratory virus and seasonal, the cases will be down in the summer and may go up again in the fall, don’t fall for more fear mongering here and there, specially as there be increase in countries in the southern hemisphere that are going into winter or mass vaccinating and case will go up because of those.

Of the ~2 million children in Sweden that never closed schools or masked its kids, 15 got COVID and none died and not only they did not spread covid, teachers had 57% less severe by being around them. Same results from an study in Georgia that kids been going to school since last year and no, that filthy mask they were made to wear was not the reason. Texas has been open for 3 months now, no masks, minimally vaccinated and there is no COVID hospitalization and death:

Historical perspective. If you think this can’t be, they can’t be killing, injuring people/children with an untested even in animals long-term, ineffective vaccine most do not need at all, think again and look at what was done before with AIDS, Opioids, Swine flu, Viox, etc. Everyday people put out pictures, names of people/children damaged by vaccines and people like some of you are told these are fake and VERAS records of now reaching 5000 deaths and over 100,000 serious adverse reactions are entered by anti-vaxxers:

Facts about COVID and pandemic:

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