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Know COVID19 Prevention & Treatments

COVID-19 prevention & treatment

Note: With COVID19 new variants, many of which are believed to have been as a result of “neutralization escape mutants” caused by mass vaccinations, the treatment strategies are modified. Modifications/adjustments are posted on the appropriate sites by the pioneering early treatments doctors (e.g.:

“… we needed to start looking for the thrombosis that we really had to be careful with the respiratory demise that was a big deal and there was lots of inflammation so early on I recognized that most of these respiratory viruses are replicating only for five to seven days and so that we could really hit people hard with steroids and other drugs other anti-inflammatories after the after about seven day mark …”

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COVID-19 prevention & treatment

Many studies point to a strong immune system and adequate vitamins/minerals (specially vitamin D) as the best defense against the virus, WHO, FDA, CDC and Fauci should have recommend the public to eat healthy, check for vitamin D and zinc deficiencies, and other obvious measures to boost their immune system (e.g.: Immune-boosting role of vitamins D, K, C, E, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids).

They also have not provided guidelines and tools to the doctors to treat COVID patients in an outpatient setting before they end up in hospitals. The only medication approved by FDA for COVID came in October 2020 and is remdesivir (brand name Veklury), a patented drug from Gilead that is not effective and has to be administered in a hospital setting. Many doctors have used and conducted trials for several off patent, repurposed medications they have been asking FDA to approve, asking “why we are putting all our eggs in the vaccine basket”?!

 Here is an example of such cocktails of medicines used unofficially by many doctors in the US and overseas but most doctors are unaware and some would not even prescribe if asked by the patients. There were cases where the patients’ family had to go to the court to get the treatment.

Doctor Peter McCullough, cardiologist and internist, testifying about his experience treating COVID patients.

Ivermectin being used in japan:

Doctor Ryan Cole who has treated many COVID patients, talks about his experience and treatments that have worked remarkably for his patients.

Dr Ryan Cole who treated 100s of COVID patients talks about Covid, treatments and vaccines.

More on COVID19 treatments, vaccines and the pandemic

Treatments waiting FDA approval

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