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Much of what we are told about health, medicines and specially nutrition are not based on sound, unbias science and cannot be trusted. This is why when facing health issues, I try to look into unbias, well designed research and the recommendations of a few experts I have come to trust mostly. This is in addition to pursuing the usual routes, seeing a doctor, reading up on official mainstream recommendations, etc.

This blog contains some of my research on various health and nutrition topics. I will be adding to and modifying this information continuously as I come across new information.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutritionist, information shared in this website should not be taken as expert advise, obviously:-)

Also, just because I share information or videos from someone, it does not mean I agree with everything they says (or sell:-)

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  1. actual scientist

    if much of what “we” are told is not based on sound “unbias” science that cannot be trusted, why act as though you are an authority on the subject? Dunning Krueger is that you?


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