Health & Nutrition

Experts & Sources

Some of the experts and sources for the information provided in this blog:


  • Ken D Berry MD: Family physician, author of ” Lies My Doctor Told Me”, see his videos on You Tube on all health subjects – Twitter: @KenDBerryMDPhysician
  • Paul Mason MD: Doctor and speaker, see his You Tube videos – Twitter: @DrPaulMason
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: Doctor, postgraduate degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition, author of “Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)”, “Vegetarianism Explained“, others – Twitter: @GAPSyndrome
  • David Diamond PhD in Biology: Academic research on brain, stress & memory – Twitter: @LDLskeptic2
  • Robert Lustig MD: physician, Author of “Fat Chance”, “Hacking of the American Mind”, speaker, see his YouTube videos – Twitter: @RobertLustigMD
  • Kenneth Sikaris, PhD: Expert in cholesterol, watch his You Tube videos on the subject – Twitter: @KenSikaris
  • Benjamin Bikman, PhD: Lots of research on diseases caused by insulin resistance – Twitter: @BenBikmanPhD
  • Nick Norwitz MD, PhD: Interesting research – Twitter: @nicknorwitz

Other Sources

  • Dr. Paul Mason is one of my favorites, many informative videos like this one.


Search for the subject + “nih”, while reviewing, it lists similar research on the subject that maybe more relevant. Just because a research is sponsored by NIH or other “reputable” sources, it does not mean it is not influenced by the special interest groups so first check the “conflict of interest” and disclosures at the end of the paper.

  • Headline health news, skip and go right into the actual research it references usually at the beginning of the article. Often times, the health news title does not match the actual research and/or the results or conclusion of it – or it is incomplete and missing important information.

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