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COVID19 Vaccines – Letter to Pediatrics Providers

Regarding your eager planning to inject the 5yr-olds with unnecessary, unsafe, and ineffective COVID19 vaccines. I can’t help feeling helpless and highly concerned for our children’s immediate and long-term health and well-being.

It doesn’t take much digging into the numbers for the at-risk population groups and the injuries and deaths already caused by these new injections to know kids have a negligible risk of covid, do not transmit the disease, and will only be harmed by the shots.

According to the CDC, just over 100 children younger than 14 have died of covid, most with known underlying severe health problems (as of Feb 2021, 350 as per AAP for all 2020-2021). There are over 40,000,000 children in that age group, so their risk is ~0.0002%! Vaccinations not only have not helped reduce the few severe cases in children, but they also seem to have made them more susceptible to covid variants and other pathogenic diseases like RSV.

In Sweden, the country that didn’t close schools or masks its children, no child died of covid. Not only did children appear not to spread the disease, but teachers also had less and less severe covid cases by being around them. Same results for other studies like one from Georgia that had schools resume in-person classes last fall; teachers were not at higher risk of covid by being around the students.

Children have been going to school without wearing a mask in many countries and US states for over a year now without outbreaks of hospitalizations and deaths. PCR positives are not caused for an emergency as most kids have mild viral load and mild symptoms. In fact, many have already been exposed to the virus and have built natural immunity that numerous studies have shown to be more robust and lasting than any vaccine-induced immunity.

How did the vaccine manufacturers and FDA determine efficacy and effectiveness for a disease the age group has no real risk for? How even testing in this age group was justified?! The truth is that all they tested for was the safety of a very small cohort that still alarmingly produced several injuries like that of the 13-year-old Maddie de Garay, an Ohio girl whose mother signed her up to participate in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine clinical trial. They completely ignored the 1st rule for administering any drug, especially a vaccine; the necessity!

These clinical trial injuries are sure to be translated to 1000s when millions are injected. In addition, most possible serious adverse events are not caught when the cohort is so small, and the trial duration is short. This approach has already resulted in several deaths and injuries, including myocarditis and pericarditis cases, especially in boys. Something reviewed and admitted by the CDC prompted FDA to issue a warning.

The FDA warning should obligate you to inform the parents about these possible injuries and make the repeated “safe & effective” phrase disingenuous.

Short to mid-term adverse reactions and injuries are not the only issues with vaccinating children. Many experts like Geert Vanden BosschePhD, DVM, leading immunologist, virologist, and vaccinologist. Vaccine Discovery & Preclinical Research (Twitter: @GVDBossche) has warned about two important consequences of injecting children with these non-sterilizing vaccines (vaccines that allow escape mutants, variants):

1) Vaccines destroy children’s broad-spectrum natural immunity, not only making them more susceptible to other pathogenic diseases, but it also impacts and confuses the immune system; “I am convinced that immunizing children for this (covid) will lead to a tsunami of autoimmune diseases,” warns Dr. Geert.

2) Vaccines put pressure on the spike protein and produce vaccine-induced mutations, leading to more virulent and dangerous variants. By leaving the low-risk portion of the population, children and the young unvaccinated, mutation on other parts of the virus create weaker variants that will compete with the vaccine-induced ones making the virus less dangerous over time. This is the opposite of what people have been led to believe; the false premise that it is possible to achieve herd immunity through non-sterilizing (leaky) vaccines.

I understand medical establishments and doctors are taught and conditioned for years to ONLY following the guidelines, and I know the money is just too tempting for your centers and the many who are profiting from this mass operation. But I genuinely hope and pray that you choose to end this madness, educate parents about ways to prevent this and other pathogenic diseases (such as nutritious diet, sun, and supplements to boost immune system), and provide early treatments to children who may have severe covid symptoms.

Many conscientious doctors have already been using medications they have used for years to deal with thrombosis, inflammation, and infection associated with other pathogenic diseases, treatments that are shown to be effective through many both anecdotal and formal peer-reviewed studies.

Please do the right thing and implement the right scientific approach while still having your patients’ faith and trust in you. Your patients deserve doctors who understand the risk; benefits associated with medications, especially this pre-emptive one injected into healthy children, someone who dares to follow their own judgment rather than the increasingly unscientific and suspicious guidelines

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