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Not the 1st time – Historical Perspectives on Diseases, Pandemics & Responses

Historical perspective

Complete trust in institutions, doctors and guidelines prevent many from doing their own investigations, trust their own observations and make the best decisions regarding their health. Knowing about the conflict of interest, corruption and in may cases malicious behavior on the part of doctors, scientists and organizations we perceive protective, is the 1st step towards protecting ourselves from being exploited.

Swine flue vaccine

It took 5 years and a major study for UK government to finally reverse its stance on the safety of swine flu vaccine given to 6 million in Britain and accept it triggered the devastating sleep disorder narcolepsy in children 4-18.

The condition is a serious neurological disorder that affects about 31,000 people in Britain. The condition can cause massive sleep disruption. The worst hit are often young people who face enormous learning difficulties at school and university. The disorder can destroy self-esteem, and bullying is common. Adults can lose their jobs, their driving licenses, and can have difficulties with relationships. Some narcoleptics have another condition called cataplexy, a total loss of muscle control. The decision followed a major study of 4-18-year-olds by the Health Protection Agency which found that around one in every 55,000 vaccine was associated with

And this:

AIDS era – Déjà vu

Written by Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, brilliant early AIDS doctor & researcher who treated AIDS patients for free and died Jan 2021. Bactrim was not approved for almost 8 years (finally after AZT approval), he estimates over 30K died as a result.

That combined with the use of PCR testing to diagnose and prescribe the consequential AZT to many who probably did not need it, caused needless suffering and deaths.

Anthony Fauci: The face of America's fight against coronavirus - BBC News

Opioids and the role of FDA in the crises

This is from a 60 Minutes investigation, one of the many reports and documentaries that came out after the fact as they sometimes do after the system of carrot & stick put in place to keep things under wraps is eventually removed as it is no longer needed.

Ed Thompson, a drug manufacturer who spent decades managing and producing opioids for Big Pharma said: “The root cause of this epidemic is the FDA’s illegal approval of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain, they start the fire. He said, when the top selling opioid, Oxycontin, was first approved in 1995, it was based on science that only showed it safe and effective when used “short-term.” But in 2001, pressured by Big Pharma and pain sufferers, the FDA made a fateful decision and, with no new science to back it up, expanded the use of Oxycontin to just about anyone with chronic ailments like arthritis and back pain.  

Note: You may have noticed the “rate your pain” questionnaire that appeared a few years ago, that was pharma initiated “pain management”, they also created “Astroturf” groups for “pain sufferers” (no to dismiss real pain sufferers of course) to advocate for more doctors’ opioid quota, something FDA obliged year after year as opioids devastated towns and cities and orphaned children.

VIOXX & more

Here is one of the websites listing the fines and penalties some of the largest pharmaceuticals have paid for incidents they were caught and proven beyond doubt for the damage their products had caused and their negligence and coverup usually for years. Vaccine manufacturers have full immunity for the injuries caused by their vaccines.

Note: Moderna is a newcomer into the market reaching profitability for the 1st time this year:


Vaccine-derived polio in Africa is still killing children

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