Health & Nutrition

Normalizing the Abnormal

Normalizing a disease young people should not get but do because of exploitations by the big industries like big food and pharma is nothing new.

The next profitable endeavor for pharma will be the development and marketing of heart, blood cloth,…medications for kids so these new profitable lifelong chronic patients (clients as they now like to call them) can “manage” and “live with” their new vaccine-induced diseases!

Sinister BBC-Ad programmingprepares young people to see heart disease as just part of life, normalizing another debilitating condition.

Please go to the site; it does not allow copying URLs. This was posted on YouTube 1st but was removed.


What pharma do to further benefit from the disaster helped create?

It makes and sells consequential drugs and surgeries, builds and finances AstroTurf groups (grassroots sounding “patient advocacy groups” that normalize the abnormal experience previously healthy, young people have and “help them manage and live with” their often devastating conditions), misleads and entices doctors and discourages and vilifies tangible ways people can help their conditions through diet and supplements.

Patients quickly move from expensive, ineffective drugs that often exasperate their conditions to intrusive surgeries (like removing young people, even babies’ colons, and adding colostomy bags before ever talking about diet and proven ways to manage their condition without drugs and surgery).




In the name of protecting us from a virus, most have less than 0.1% risk of severe disease, our children and the young have been frightened, masked, isolated, and now forced into getting an injection whether they choose to or not. They are told it’s their “moral obligation” to be injected to protect the older, more at-risk population, most of whom are also vaccinated!

Despite now mountain of evidence pointing to more harm than benefit, especially for the young and children, our health agencies are going ahead with injecting children as young as 5, knowing the implications as they saw with the 12-15yr-olds when FDA put a warning on the vaccines for Myocarditis & Pericarditis in children and the young, especially males.

And those are not the only conditions people are suffering and dying from after taking these ineffective vaccines.

Dr. Meissner stating the facts and absolute lunacy of approving covid vaccines for children yet voting for it is truly baffling!

And “let’s just give them to the parents who want them”! Why do they want them? Is it because you have been scaring them for and from their children for 18 months and pretended it’s the dirty mask they clumsily wear that is protecting them?

Why not just tell those parents the truth about the negligible covid risk for their kids and the dangers of the vaccines?!

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