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Psychology of Fear, Makings of a Big Lie, Mass Formation

Mass Formation & Collective Hypnosis

What’s going on, why, and what to do about it.

When the conditions are right, mass formation can be induced, creating a new social bonding and an object for people’s frustrations. This can create a kind of mass hypnotism where people follow what they are told despite the absurdity of it and the harm to them and their loved ones.

Other concepts: self-destructing totalitarianism, non-violence resistance, non-compliance, polite discourse, learn to identify when see it, parallel structures to survive independently from the system until overcome it.

Other books on the subject and its historical precedence:

Psychology or crowds


Psychology of Fear and Hopelessness

The Prison of Hopelessness

This regarding Korean war POWs may help understand the psychology of fear & hopelessness.

  • Tactics used; “withhold all positive news/emotional support while inundating soldiers with negative news/emotions,” promoted distrust of others and one’s own judgment.
  • Arriving in Japan, Red Cross gave newly freed (Korean war) POWs opportunity to call home, very few bothered.”

Psychology & Interworking of a Big Lie

The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World

Just Where is This Going

Some Words of Wisdom

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Dr. Robert W Malone, Twitter: @RWMaloneMD

Inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, Bench to Bedside vaccines, and biologics consulting.

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“We have transformed society for the worse, we have put in place a culture and habits that will take years to shake off, culture and habits which distance people from one another & diminish their quality of life and relationships.”


For all who think this is not a worthy cause because they have no problem with mandates now, imagine when you or your young child in the future will choose not to get the latest shot or subject his kids to them. Perhaps he is injured by the latest one or discovers his risk of the disease is low, and the vax is not justified. Or maybe he learns the nuances surrounding frequent vaccinations and the immune system. But in the dystopia mass compliance helped create, there is no choice. He is now a number whose education, livelihood, and participation in society depend on his compliance regardless of his choice.


How it’s Done

  • Media (+Social Media): Sensationalism, Selective Coverage, Censorship (Including Self-Censorship), Propaganda, Vilification, Intimidation, Lies.
  • Government/Global Agencies: Sensationalism, Selective Coverage, Incentivization, Data Collection Manipulation & Analysis, Censorship (Including Self-Censorship), Propaganda, Vilification, Intimidation, Lies.

This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector – Plato

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