Health & Nutrition

Risk-Benefit Calculation – Informed Decision

The decision to take a vaccine is as much about data and statistics as medicine. This is why when people say I follow my doctor’s advice, I wonder if they know the numbers (most don’t) or just follows the guidelines.

Why are you taking the COVID vaccines?

Overall deaths higher from the vaccine than COVID – Pfizer clinical trial

Vaccines are injected into healthy people/children, there needs to be extra scrutiny for their:

  • Necessity – prevent getting and spreading severe, widespread diseases with no safe treatment alternatives. This can vary based on population demographics and health status (e.g., age, #, and type of comorbidities)
  • Safety – including long-term safety established through long-term animal safety and human clinical trials. Including the level of adverse acceptable for the protection provided.
  • Efficacy and effectiveness – adequate and long-term immunity and transmission prevention. Vaccines for ever-mutating pathogens are often not justified, especially non-sterilizing vaccines that allow vaccine-induced escape mutants.

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